Rfid-Reader (part2)

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-01-18T22:23:00+01:00

due high public demand ( i have a reader! ) i post a photo of my rfid-reader. The small black dot on the plastic-disk surrounded by copper-wire is the actual rfid-transponder chip - awsome


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  1. fake 2008-01-19T13:04:05+01:00

    what are the 2 unconnected wires? power?

  2. Rich 2015-03-16T10:39:27+01:00

    Iwas just wondering if you can make oneof these things for me and I wouldbuy it from you. I have CT scans and Im pretty sure what Ive seen are rfid chips. therefore idbegreatful if I couldbuy one from you!?!

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