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I created a Preset for the Bitwig-Studio Reverb Device for my latest song and have been asked several times if I would share it. So I decided to write a short tutorial how I created the effect.

And while you read this article you can listen to my track "Vast Space Ahead" so you know how it sounds like

To create the effect I used a Reverb device in "Hall"-with a very large Size and maximum Width


in the "Wet FX" Section of the Reverb device I added a FXLayer Device with 2 "Frequency Shifter"-Devices and panned them hard left and right


I set each of the Frequencyshifter Devices to a different setting and added a short delay to intensify the stereo effect


This effect creates a quite dense reverb room and like sugar coating it surly doesn't work for every source material - so use it sparingly and handle with care :-)

you can download the final preset here

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