evil mango of death

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-18T10:41:00+02:00

Today i saw a can of "mango pulp" in the kitchen of our office. i have no idea what "mango pulp" is - but im not sure i would like to eat something that looks at me like this >:-]

mango of death

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Wobbly Dragon Egg

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-14T20:46:00+02:00

I have written a processing sketch again. This time it took me 15 minutes, and it visualizes a wobbly dragon egg

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Erlang OSC Dispatcher

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-14T07:10:00+02:00

I have started a Project to write and osc message dispatcher in erlang. I want to use it to dispatch the data from my icontrol chuck script to other soundgenerating scripts or visualisation programms.

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Chuck iControl Projectpage

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-14T06:46:00+02:00

as written before, i have started writing a chuck script that mapps the midi-data from my iControl to OSC events. I now have set up a proper project page for the script.

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Ruby Caldav Library

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-14T06:27:00+02:00

I have a DAViCal running and i wanted to write a simple jabber bot that reminds me when i have forgotten to enter my timesheet data. So i have hacked together a simple ruby library to access the caldav protocol. More info and sourcecode is available on the project page

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Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-13T22:06:00+02:00

I just made another completly useless Mousetrail Demo in 5 minutes using processing

Why this time? - same reason as last time :-)

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'Hello World' in 80 hacks / In 80 Sprachen 'Hallo Welt' - Phase 1

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-13T20:40:00+02:00

I have started a multilanguage programing project. The goal is to create a "Hello World"-program using 80 programing languages. A list of programing languages i intend to use is already available on the project-page

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Nagios Glitzerlampe

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-13T16:58:00+02:00

I made a new project page for my nagios visualisation system written in ruby.

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Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-12T21:19:00+02:00

I hacked together a BouncinBall-Demo in 5 minutes using processing.

Why? Just because i can :-)

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Demo Exhibition

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-12T21:01:00+02:00

Yesterday some workmates and i went to an exhibition about demos in the MQ. It was realy realy funny to see C64, Sinclare, Amiga, Atari and co in reality again.

They even had a Atari Falcon 030!! And a FastTrack II!!

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