Simulation of hand drawn lines in Processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-04-23T03:37:00+00:00

I have made a little processing script that simulates hand drawn lines. use bezier vertices to shift the line by a small random factor and draw the line twice. The resulting lines look if they where drawn using a felttip pen

click here to see the application running or download the code

felttip simulation

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  1. Alessandro 2010-07-16T03:31:36+00:00

    I've been studying this for ages and my solution is way too complicated! Your is so simple and so great... BTW: link to source is missing...

    Thank you

  2. Dethe Elza 2010-11-15T21:20:23+00:00

    Thanks, this is a great technique for something I've been trying to do in SVG/Canvas. I hope you don't mind if I port and adapt it (with credit).

    BTW, the link to source is

  3. Jo Wood 2012-01-30T14:14:43+00:00

    I've only fairly recently discovered your approach to hand drawn lines. Thanks for this - very effective.

    This has inspired me to build a Processing library for rendering in a sketchy style. So as well is lines and rectangles, it is possible to draw ellipses and complex polygons as well as shade them with hachures. I've given you a credit in the documentation as it was your approach that set this in motion.

    To see the library and examples, see

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