Processing 2.0: Creative Coding Hotshot is published

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-05-22T05:55:24+00:00

I hereby proudly announce that my first book has been published at packt publishing.

You can find the print and the ebook version of my book at

processing 2.0: Creative Coding Hotshot

What you will learn from this book

  • Make your computer see, hear, and feel with Processing
  • Have fun with entertaining projects while learning new tricks with Processing
  • Use Processing to teach a pair of cardboard robots to enact famous plays
  • Write code you can run on a variety of devices ranging from your desktop computer to your Android smartphone
  • Learn to build a custom hardware controller and control it using Processing
  • Use Processing to create motion sensor games you can play using your Kinect
  • Design objects you can print using a 3D printer with Processing

In Detail

Processing makes it convenient for developers, artists, and designers to create their own projects easily and efficiently. Processing offers you a platform for expressing your ideas and engaging audiences in new ways. This book teaches you everything you need to know to explore new frontiers in animation and interactivity with the help of Processing.

Processing 2: Creative Coding Hotshot will present you with nine exciting projects that will take you beyond the basics and show you how you can make your programs see, hear, and even feel! With these projects, you will also learn how to build your own hardware controllers and integrate devices such as a Kinect senor board in your Processing sketches.

Processing is an exciting programming environment for programmers and visual artists alike that makes it easier to create interactive programs. Through nine complete projects, "Processing 2: Creative Coding Hotshot' will help you explore the exciting possibilities that this open source language provides. The topics we will cover range from creating robot - actors performing Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", to generating objects for 3D printing, and you will learn how to run your processing sketches nearly anywhere from a desktop computer to a browser or a mobile device.


Using a project-based approach, you will be able to learn the coolest aspects of working with Processing. Each project contains step-by-step explanations, diagrams, screenshots, and downloadable material to make learning Processing even easier.

Who this book is for

This book targets Processing developers ,visual artists, creative professionals, and students who want to move to the next level of learning Processing for gaining inspiration, work, or just for fun. The book assumes a basic understanding of programming. However, this book is also recommended to non-artistic readers, looking to expand their graphics and develop their creativity.

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  1. Jared Maddern 2013-07-31T11:35:58+00:00

    Hi Nikolaus. I got this ebook the other day, as I was really into the last chapter on 3d objects- great tutorial btw.

    Can you shoot me an email to discuss some things about making some other shaped objects, and viewing .stl files in processing?

    Cheers! Jared

  2. Stacy 2013-10-06T05:13:58+00:00

    I have made the mission in chapter 6, chapter 3 and now I am trying to complete chapter 2. I successfully completed the first exercise in chapter 2 and the in the second exercise I kept getting an error: cannot find anything named "SimpleOpenNi.SKEL_PROFILE_ALL" when I reduce the code to context.enableUser(); I then get an error; the function getUsersPixels() does not exist. Can you help?

  3. jose 2014-03-04T16:58:33+00:00

    Hi, my name is Jose from spain watching your work on your web local guru it seemed very interesting to me, i was thinking making a kind of document (a pdf or html) that could be downloaded to study it offline. much based on your works on local guru and the works of blender sushi, plus Liero posts in blenderartist . It would be free to download to make it easiest to study itfor people whith bad or no web access around the world. You think is an interesting idea?

  4. Nikolaus Gradwohl 2014-03-04T20:38:39+00:00

    Hi Jose,

    sounds cool, send me a link if you have set up a website so I can post it on my blog

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