Animator Library

a animation library for processing

Erlang OSC Dispatcher

I have started to write an osc-message dispatcher in erlang.

'Hello World' in 80 hacks / In 80 Sprachen 'Hallo Welt'

the biggest 'hello World'-Project ever :-)

Ruby Caldav Library

a simple caldav library for ruby

Processing iCal Library

a simple processing wrapper for ical4j

Chuck iControl

a chuck-script that converts the iControl midi messages to osc

Nagios Glitzerlampe

a simple physical visualisation for nagios written in ruby


a processing library for detecting colors in a image or videos-stream


a processing library for writing chatbots and interactive agents using aiml


a processing library which wrapps freetts


an ebook pdf border remover


a editor for cookiecutter that are printable on a 3D-printer

Processing E-Book

The project page for my processing ebook


A tool to convert sfz files to the bitwig multisample format