SFZ 2 Multisample


I have a lot of sfz samples on my harddisk but unfortunately the only sample format the internal sampler from bitwig studio can use is the built in multisample format. I played a bit with the fileformat and found that it´s a zip-container with all the wav-files and a xml file that describes how to map the samples to keyboard regions. Thats very similar to the structure of a sfz sample so I wrote a simple converter script in java that can be used to convert sfz to multisamples.

The program is far from perfect and I consider it more as a prototype than a final program - so be warned. I also haven´t implemented more advanced features like velocity zones or groups yet.


You can download the sourcecode from my github repository at


or a compiled version here: Sfz2Multisample-1.0.2.jar

The current version of the tool is 1.0.2


to use it open a terminal and start the program with the filename of the sfz file as a parameter

java -jar Sfz2Multisample-1.0.2.jar sfzfilename.sfz

the program then creates a multisample with the same name.