grease pencil experiment 6 - grid

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-17T04:11:06+00:00

for this animation I created a 3D grid of lines of grease pencil strokes with a python script

you can download the blend file here

grease pencil line grid

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grease pencil experiment 4 - filled shapes

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-15T04:17:00+00:00

For this animation i created two shapes with different materials, that have stroke and fill colors activated

you can download the blend file here

grease pencil filled

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grease pencil experiment 4 - depth of field

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-13T10:01:15+00:00

While experimenting with grease pencil animation scripted in python, i recognized that the grease pencil shapes also affect the depth map - so they can be used to change the DoF using the defocus node in the compositor. I was really pleasantly surprised - this opens a whole lot of new possibilities :-)

you can download the blend file here

depth of field on grease pencil

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grease pencil experiment 3 - animated circles

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-12T05:19:59+00:00

for this animation I animated the drawing of the circular grease pencil strokes themselves

you can download the blend file here

animated circles

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grease pencil experiment 2 - freestyle

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-11T05:16:41+00:00

for this animation i used a python scripted grease pencil animation similar to that in my blogpost from yesterday and added a proper blender 3D Object. I rendered the animation with eevee and freestyle

you can download the blend file here

grease pencil and freestyle

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generative sine displacement texture in blender

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-08T04:18:42+00:00

the texture in this animation was created in the shader editor by calculating the color value based on uv coordinates using math nodes

you can download the blend file here

generative texture

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blender freestyle sketchy line howto

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-05-16T04:54:52+00:00

I was asked for a short description on how I achieved the sketchy look of the freestyle lines in my post from yesterday

so here it is:

I activated freestyle line renderings in the Render settings

in the View Layer section I set the LineStyle Strokes from Plain to Sketchy

and added a Spatial Noise Modifier in the Geometry Part of the LineStyle-Section

to make it less aggressive I reduced the Amplitude to 1

this turned the lines from this:

straight lines

into this:

sketchy lines

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blender eevee with sketchy freestyle lines

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-05-15T05:34:15+00:00

For this animation I used a freestyle lineset with a noise modifier to emulate a hand-drawn look

I like how it turned out, but I think I will have to make it less subtle the next time, especially when the finale video is running with 600px width like here :-/

you can download the blend file here

sketchy freestyle

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tree animation with blender eevee and freestyle

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-05-09T01:58:27+00:00

For this animation i played with the sapling addon and the eevee render in freestylemode using blender 2.80 beta

I created a tree and a separate foliage object and assigned it a material with an emmission shader to make sure it is evenly lit and creates a uniform color in the final render. Then I animated the camera location and the focal point to create the slider movement and the follow focus event and added a defocus blur in the compositor.

you can download the blend file here

freestyle tree

I really like the cinematic feel of this small animation - if I find the time (hahaha) I work on this a little more and turn it into a music video

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blender 2.80 experiment 9 - freestyle

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-02-22T06:36:32+00:00

for this blender 2.80 experiment I combined the eevee render with freestyle to create a comics look.

Its a really simple animation using a default cube with two keyframed array modifiers and a camera zoom, but I really like the zoom part at the end. Maybe I'll use this in a music video.

you can download the blend file here

eevee freestyle

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