Blender Labyrinth AddOn


The blender labyrinth addon allows you to add a labyrinth mesh to your blender scene

see this video for some example animations made with labyrinths


labyrinth AddOn


Download the addon from the link above and open the "User Preferences ..." in the Blender "File" Menue

Select the "Add-ons"-tab and then click on the "Install from File ..." Button on the bottom of the dialog

choose the python file you downloaded and click on "Install from File ..."

Back in the "User Settings"-dialog enter "Labyrinth" in the Search field in the top-left corner

Activate the "Add Mesh: Labyrinth" addon by ticking the checkbox on the right side of the Dialog


In object mode press "Ctrl-A" And the select "Mesh" and "Labyrinth"

In the lower part of the Toolbar you can change settings for the labyrinth like the size of the labyrinth itself, the wallsize, or the height of the walls