nannou experiment - amplitude modulated rainbow sinewave

Nikolaus Gradwohl2020-12-26T10:17:36+00:00

For my latest nannou experiment I created a sinewave, that is amplitude modulated to fit into the differences space of two sinewaves with a much lower frequency

i also modulated the color and transparency of the lines used to draw the curve.

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nannou experiment - particles

Nikolaus Gradwohl2020-12-24T05:49:04+00:00

For this nannou experiment I created a particle system and made particles move in a noisefield.

This time I created a object in rust for the first time - I'm still feel a little unsure how to use all this inmutable/copy logic in rust correct, but I start getting used to rusts syntax

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nannou experiment no2 - perlin noise

Nikolaus Gradwohl2020-12-22T10:07:37+00:00

I made a new nannou experiment - this time using 3D perlin noise to color, displace and resize some circles on a grid. It would propably make more sense to implement this using shaders - but I didn't start looking into the wgpu yet.

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nannou experiment

Nikolaus Gradwohl2020-12-19T05:36:08+00:00

I started playing with nannou - a rust based creative art framework.

this is the first animation I like so I exported it as single frames and turned it into a video.

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