a 3D-printed rabbit-bone

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-10-02T05:13:20+02:00

To add weight to his words he stuck the rabbit bone in his hair. He spread his arm out wide. "I will go mad!" he annouced.

Douglas Addams

Have you ever felt the need to proclaim your madness but no rabbit bone was around?

No Problem! Just load this Rabbit-Bone-STL file into your 3D-Printer and a view minutes later you are ready to make your announcement.

you can also download the blend file here

rabbit bone rabbit bone

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  1. Patricia 2012-10-02T16:17:44+02:00

    You have great Blender Art. Thanks for showing. Can you create a tutorial for this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1YIafaqF7A

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