How to build a Download-Bot

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a while ago i posted images of my download-bots. this december my parents used them as their xmas-tree decoration.

now i have written some instruction to enable my dear reader to build his own download-bot - prefereably while downloading a big file.

i use 2 strip of wood one 2cm x 4cm, and the second one 1cm x 0.5cm

  • cut a 2 cm long block from the bigger strip for the head
  • cut a 4.5cm long pice from the bigger strip for the body
  • cut 4 2.5cm long pices from the smaller strip for arms and feet
  • cut a 1 cm long pice from the smaller pice for the nec
  • now glue the pices together following the instruction graphic bellow.
  • put 2 pins into the head as antennas
  • and finally draw a funny face on the head block


é voilà - a download-bot!


i really would like to see a comment if you have build your own bot

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