Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-06-14T22:13:00+00:00

This is my Day 14 project for 30DaysOfCreativity

An Ascii-Art-Pizza

    //\        PPPPP IIII ZZZZZ ZZZZZ    A
   // O \      PP  PP II    ZZ    ZZ    A A
  || O o  \    PPPPP  II   ZZ    ZZ    AAAAA
  ||__o__O__\  PP    IIII ZZZZZ ZZZZZ A     A

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  1. David Baverstock 2011-04-04T17:48:16+00:00

    Hello, I like your ASCII pizza art and I was wondering if it would be ok for me to use it in a Windows PowerShell script i'm making. It's for a school project and I'm trying to make the menu look nice and professional and I feel that your ASCII pizza will help. I would credit your art with a link to here in a comment above the code where it is inserted.

  2. Nikolaus Gradwohl 2011-04-06T07:16:52+00:00

    Permission granted

  3. 6years 2017-04-13T01:20:53+00:00

    It's been 6 years and this is still here

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