Pulsating Heart made from Bezier-Curves in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-09-19T08:09:02+00:00

I made a short processing sketch that shows how to use the bezierVertex command. It can be used to draw a curve between a start- and an endpoint, using two control points (similar to the curve elements vector graphic programms use).

The following code block draws a heart in processing.

bezierVertex( 150,120, 100,120, 100, 150);
bezierVertex( 100,180, 150,185, 150, 210 );
bezierVertex( 150,185, 200,180, 200, 150 );  
bezierVertex( 200,120, 150,120, 150, 150 );  

click here to see the heart pulsing and the background rotating or download the code.

heart from bezier-curves

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    where can i download the code for the animation?

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