first Alpha-Version of a Animator-library for Processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-04T04:29:55+00:00

I'm currently working on an animation framework for processing. It's currently very unpolished but following the open-source mantra "publish early - publish often"

tadaaaa! - here is the first alpha-version

to install it unzip the package in the library folder of your sketchbook

There isn't much documentation yet (*looking ashamed*) buuut I made a short example sketch to show how it's used.

an Animator object can be defined using

Animator a = new LinearAnimator( time, startvalue, stopvalue );

it's started using


and the current value can be fetched using

float v = a.get();

I currently implemented a LinearAnimator-, a SquareAnimator- and a RootAnimator-class.

I plan implement chaining of animators, callback-handlers, repeat suppor, many more animation types and - ahem - more detailed documentation

Feedback is very welcome.

click here to start the example sketch or download the sourcecode.

A click with the left mouseButton starts the animation of the circle.

A click with the right mouseButton start the animation of the square.

animator start animator start

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