processing.js advent calender - door 24

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-24T07:48:51+00:00

I just wrote door24 of my 2011 - Calender

I have written a lot of processing.js sketches and here are some of my findings

first of all - I like it very much - especially how easy it is to deploy on a website and the fact that on the client side only a browser is needed.

What I didn't like very much is that the javascript quality and speed varies a lot among bowsers and operating systems. Some sketches run blazing fast in my firefox and slow to a crawl in my safari - and vize versa.

So when deploying processing.js scripts - one has to do the very same things as with every web/javascript code - test test test. on every plattform in every browser.

What I haven't tested so far are things like sound or video, or integrating libraries into the code. All the sketches in the advent calender use pure processing.

I thing this is a point where we can expect a lot of development in the next time, but where processing defintly has a clear margin at the moment.

So Processing and Processing.js will definitly coexist in my toolbox from now on :-)


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