blender curve experiment - curly hair with cycles

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-05-05T07:40:33+00:00

First of all - no, cycles still has no hair or particle renderer - BUT To render short hair that doesn't need hair-dynamics you can use object groups to render the hair.

I made some spirales and deformed them using the proportional editing tool with random influence, grouped them together and used them as dubliobjects in a hair particle system on the head figure

curly hair

The need to have a bevel value and bevel has to be set to full for this to work.

Still not perfect, because of the lack of hair-dynamics, but very nice for some cartoony characters or still images.

you can download the blend file here

curly hair

curly hair

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  1. Lenny 2014-12-17T20:34:25+00:00

    Hey, is it possible for you to leave a tutorial as to how you achieved this? I certainly believe that you are on to something sir.

  2. Lenny 2014-12-25T19:07:06+00:00


    Sir, you have single-handedly may have created or for that matter laid the foundation for kinky/curly/afro hair. I downloaded the file ran it on Blender 2.67. my pc is a middle-of-the-pack dell w/ 8b gb RAM with a GeForce gt 530 gpu.

    Even with the advances in Blender 2.7, I do not see(or maybe have yet to have find the kink settings to replicate) what you have created.

    What I need to know is how you created the spirals? And how you used said spirals to be the emitted form the scalp.

    Please inform as I am much desirous to know!

  3. AOC 2018-05-27T10:22:13+00:00

    Thank you! even if its old already and the hair system is working now. I like your system much better, because one have a lot more control. Everything is to handle in precision. I also added a taper curve to change the width over the length. the same with the hair material. The only problem is the lack of hair phyics possibly. Anyway- Great help. I was satisfied with the results of short curly hair with cycles. But with your solution i am!!

  4. AOC 2018-05-27T10:53:40+00:00

    Also, - what i found: Usually you have this long BVH build before each render, if you render a lot of strands, but with the beveled curves as the render object- this is gone, its starting immediately to render!This cuts down rendering time enormously!

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