first Volca Keys song

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-12-28T08:16:00+00:00

I bought a Volca Keys from Korg yesterday and recorded a short test sequence using ardour. All sounds are unprocessed except for a parametric equalizer to remove a high pitched hiss from the recording (damn you usb cable!). The only thing not from the volca keys is a basedrum sample.

The keys is a really awesome sounding little box.

volca keys

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  1. Erwin 2013-12-30T07:08:08+00:00

    sounds very interesting!!

  2. Nathan 2014-01-02T09:23:25+00:00

    Wow. Stunning tune, minimal and phat - I love it. Thanks for sharing

    I've got the volcas too. Really inspiring.

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