A Novation LaunchControl script for BitWig-Studio

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-09-15T06:29:27+00:00

I wrote a bitwig-studio controller script for the novation launchcontrol

you can download it from my github page

to install copy the files to your 'Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/' Folder

novation launchcontrol

The User-Pages emmit midi events that can be used to midi-learn the knobs and buttons to in Bitwig the script is based on the work of eduk

The Factory-Pages are mapped to the following functions:

Factory-Page 1: * the top row knobs control volume * the lower row knobs controle pan * the buttons are mapped to Play, Record, Writing Arranger Automation, Loop, Click, Launcher Overdub, Overdub

Factory-Page 2: * the top row knobs control send1 * the lower row knobs controle send2 * the buttons are mapped to mute

Factory-Page 3: * the left 8 knobs are mapped to Macro Functions * the right 8 knobs are mapped to Device Parameters * the buttons are mapped to record arm

Factory-Page 3: * the knobs aren't currently mapped * the buttons create an empty clip on the next free slot of the selected Track. The button number is the clip lenght in bars

Since selecting the first few factory-pages can be a bit tricky when the launch-control is handled operated with the left hand (at least for me) I also added a setting option in the scripts settings dialog that allows to reverse the Page mapping - so page 1 gets page 8, page 2 gets page 7, ...

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