Layered Boxes

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-11-22T07:27:03+00:00

I created a small processing sketch this morning. I started by drawing slowly rotating boxes and then added a little transparency to the fill color to create a pseudo 3D layering effect. To spice things up a little bit I added a random function that replaces a box with a new one at a chance of 1/2000 after it gets drawn.

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.


I tried different render modes in Processing and was pretty surprised how different transparency is handled in different render modes - in P3D for example the outlines of the boxes aren't affected by the transparent fill at all - so I switched back to P2D - transparency works the way I expected it but the transparency values differ from the default render. I will read the doku this weekend and see what other unexpected behaviors I can uncover :-)

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