SonicPI and Streichfett Jam

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-04-30T08:49:36+00:00

I recorded a short liveCoding Jam with the current dev version of SonicPI, which I user to send midi signals to my Streichfett.

I connected the Streichfett and Sonic PI to separate Audio input channels in Bitwig Studio using Jack to record and mix the audio.

SonicPI + Streichfett

This is the script I used in this session - be aware that it has been written for a alpha version of sonic pi (2.12#dev) and the midi system will propably change in the final version

live_loop :test do
  sync :beat
  with_fx :reverb, mix: 0.0 do
    with_synth :prophet do
      play_pattern_timed [36,36,36,34,32,31], [0.75,0.75,0.75,0.50,0.25, 0.75], release: 0.15, decay: 0.2, sustain: 0 , cutoff: 60, res: 0.1

live_loop :beat do
  idx = tick
  with_fx :reverb, mix: 0.5 do
    sample :drum_bass_soft, sustain: 0, release: 0.1, lpf:100
    if idx % 2 == 0 then
      sample :drum_snare_soft, lpf:120, sustain_level: 0.5
    sleep 0.25
    sample :drum_cymbal_closed, lpf:100
    sleep 0.25

ch = chord(:C3, :m9)
#ch = chord(:Es3, :m9)
#ch = chord(:As2, :m9)
#ch = chord(:Bb2, :M7)

live_loop :piano do
  sync :beat
  with_fx :echo do
    with_synth :piano do
      play_chord  ch
      sleep 2

live_loop :midi do
  ch.each{ |n|
    midi n, vel: 64, channel:1, port:"Streichfett: Streichfett MIDI 1"
  sleep 2
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  1. Bob Irving 2017-05-01T16:41:04+00:00

    Very cool! I'd love to know a bit about the hardware you're using there. What is it and how do you interface it with Sonic Pi? I'm a middle school teacher and am introducing Sonic Pi in my computer science classes. Investigating cool stuff! Thanks.

  2. Nikolaus Gradwohl 2017-05-02T07:17:50+00:00

    Hi Bob, for this experiment I use a Waldorf Streichfett connected via usb. The other synths and controllers you see aren't used in this video.

  3. Sam 2017-08-07T13:22:36+00:00

    Nice Blog

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