SonicPI + Volca Jam - Behind the Scenes

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This weekend I posted a video of a SonicPi and Volca livecoding jam where I used the new midi functions of SonicPi 3 to control my synths. In this post I describe the setup I used and explain the code a little bit.


sonicPi Setup

My Volcas are connected to a midi interface (iConnect MIO10 in my case) and an audio interface (Behringer XR18) which are both connected to my linux box. I then routed the audio inputs via jack to SonicPI and started a live_loop that mixes the live audio feeds in sonic pi. In my case the volcas I used are connected to input 7,8 and 9

live_loop :audio do
  live_audio :in1, amp: 3, input: 7
  live_audio :in2, amp: 3, input: 8
  live_audio :in3, amp: 3, input: 9
  sleep 1

then I use the new midi command to send midi note to the volcas in another live_loop the following code fragment is used to create the bass line for example

root = 40

n = (ring 0,10,24,0,12,15 )
live_loop :bass do
  idx = tick();
  if spread(5,8)[idx] then
    midi root+n[idx], sustain:0.125, channel:1, port: volca_bass
  sleep 0.125

The names for the midi port can be found in the "IO"-Tab of the Prefs-Dialog.

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