Ronin experiment 5 - osc

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-21T03:25:09+00:00

I added an OSC message receiver to Ronin - now you can send OSC messages from other apps like SonicPi or orca to a running Ronin animation

osc messages

Sonic Pi code:

a =ring(10, 40, 20, 60)

live_loop :osctest do
  n = tick()
  use_osc "localhost", 12940
  osc "/test", 100, 100, a[n]
  sample :bd_ada
  sleep 0.5

Ronin code:

(def x (of (osc "/test") "args" "0" "value"))
(def y (of (osc "/test") "args" "1" "value"))
(def r (of (osc "/test") "args" "2" "value"))

(fill (circle x y r) "red")
(stroke (circle x y r) 5 "white")
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