another dragon

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-02-07T05:19:39+00:00

I made another dragon with MyPaint



Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-31T20:20:19+00:00

I played a bit with myPaint today because - yeah! - my I finally got my wacom tablet running on my ubuntu box. I really like myPaint for sketching - its fun to use and it has amazing brushes.


fire breathing dragon in blender

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-03T06:19:20+00:00

After watching the awsome "flame-thrower"-tutorial from I wanted to give the particle and smoke system a try. I modelled a very simple animation of a dragon instead of a flamethrower and I haven't added any fancy materials or compositing stuff yet. But I think the fire-effect is still very impressive

you can download my blender file here - but be warned - it takes a while to render.

here is a still form the animation, in case you can't watch the video