Nikolaus Gradwohl2007-04-26T11:25:00+00:00

Im currently sitting in Wiesbaden at the Jax2007 (missing a keynote from SAP :-) ) i've seen a lot of new interessting tools and techniques which will keep me busy some times.

webtest from canoo, for example has evolved in a very interesting way since i gave it the last try,

one thing that many of the speakers are showing ist the tendency to use more languages on the JVM and choose the right tool for the problem. and not let the language shape the solution.

there were some nice sessions showning how to generate textual DSL with ruby or open architecture ware.

this time there were some netbeans sessions where new features from the upcoming netbeans 6 release where shown - realy nice

and i heard abount ApacheDS a ldap server which is completely written in java and can be embedded into other applications.

ok the sap keynote is comming to an end - i will go to the next session now ...

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