beanie sewing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2020-10-12T16:53:47+00:00

since sewing masks already works pretty well, I tried to make something a little bit more challenging so here is "beanie sewing test - iteration 1"

hmmm - i think i will need some more before I'm done

beanie v1

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A DIY T-Shirt

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-06-29T06:05:27+00:00

For my Day 29 project of 30DaysOfCreativity I wanted to make something I never made before - so I decided to sew a T-Shirt.


Since I had no clue how to do it, I made a plan


This plan turned out to be a bit naive (very soon) - so I tried another aproach involiving scissors and a sewing machine.

I'm still quite sure not to turn into a tailor any time soon, but the result is far better than anything I hoped for

guru wearing his DIY-T-Shirt

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Parametric Button Generator

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-02-20T15:22:54+00:00

Have you ever lost a button? One that is unique and cannot be found anywere? Do you want to sew something special and need very special buttons?

And do you own a 3D-Printer?

Then there is a solution to your problems - The Parametric-Button-Generator!

Download the openscad file, adjust the parameters and print your buttons

example button example button example button

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