Resistor Earrings

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-12-04T17:47:00+00:00

today i made some earrings for my wife. 300 kOhm per ear :-)


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  1. fake 2009-12-04T17:49:27+00:00


  2. led lighting 2009-12-18T08:37:56+00:00

    i think it is too long

  3. John Varley 2010-01-17T17:37:29+00:00

    That's what she said.

  4. Lupin 2010-01-17T19:47:26+00:00

    i think it is too ugly

  5. Sakakikala 2010-01-17T21:00:31+00:00

    I think this is freakin awesome!

  6. srs gais 2010-01-17T21:46:52+00:00

    Think about all the worthless people who have time to not only look at resistor earrings some other guy made for his wife.

    But the people who on top of that decide its there place to say there too long/ugly/fantastic

    All I have to say is fucking inventive and in homage of these kids being full of fail, I will make my spouse a pair.

  7. Ivan 2010-01-18T19:36:34+00:00

    Be shure that those resistors are lead-free.

  8. Better than srs gais 2010-04-29T01:55:07+00:00

    I believe you were full of fail when using "there" instead of "they're."


    An electronics nerd / kid

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