3D-Printed Wizzard

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-05-16T04:49:00+00:00


While browsing through thingiverse I noticed a huge number of draggons but a serious lack of wizzards. So I started the new blender 2.5 and moddled one.

The blender 2.5 GUI is a really huge improvement over the 2.4-Versions - absolutely thumbs up for this :-)

you can download the blend file or you can download the stl file if you want to print it yourself.

Then I tried to print something using the support material option of skeinforge for the first time. The support-material can be activated in the "Raft" Section of the skeinforge settings. Make sure you set "Support Inset over Perimeter Extrusion With (ratio)" to some negative value - I used -3 - or else your support material will stick to your model.

After printing for roughly 2h it came out like this

wizzard whith support material

It turned out to be a bad idea to set the "inset over perimeter" Parameter to zero - so I had to work real hard to remove the support material. But after 2h i finally made it, and my wizzard looked like this

wizzard unpainted

Then I used some acrylic paint and - Tada! - my final version


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  1. Jeslyn 2011-05-18T04:29:38+00:00

    Hi, what are the dimensions of the wizard and did you use Makerbot's Thing-o-Matic to print this wizard? If you did, how long did it take to print?

  2. Nikolaus Gradwohl 2011-05-20T17:59:19+00:00

    Hi, I printed it using my makerbot cupcake (which is the previous model) and it printed approx. 2h

  3. kirthpin@hotmail.com 2011-12-21T05:58:57+00:00

    work real hard to remove the support material.use some acrylic paint

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