Blender Monster Tutorial - material animation

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-05-14T05:29:55+00:00

I made a video tutorial showing how to animate a material in cycles. The tutorial is presented by my one-tooth-monster.

This is my first videotutorial for blender - so critics/suggestions/hints/.. are welcome.

Blender Monster Tutorial

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  1. Aurosutru 2012-05-17T02:21:12+00:00

    Have been learning many things from your experiments. Thanks for sharing.

    What is the TTS system you used for this tutorial? The best easily downloadable voices I've found are from Cepstral.

  2. Nikolaus Gradwohl 2012-05-17T11:42:28+00:00

    I haven't used a tts system - I recorded my voice and changed the pitch using audacity

  3. Thomas Due 2014-04-07T05:56:52+00:00

    Using Blender I do not know how to access the nodes you are using?

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