animated cycles material - part 3

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-05-06T18:04:05+00:00

This is another animated cycles material. I used a voronoi-texture that uses the generated texture-coordinates as its input.

To animate the cells I add a rgb value to the vector of the texture-coordinate output.

This works since the rgb values are vector values themselve and by animating the color you can shift the texture coordinates around.

you can download the blend file here

animated cycles material

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  1. Gabe 2013-06-14T16:07:41+00:00

    Hey nice animation, exactly the sort of thing I'm looking to do to make some molten metal. I can't get the .blend to work though it opens but without any material info... Thanks anyway.

  2. Gabe 2013-06-14T16:09:34+00:00

    oops sorry I just got it to work and now feel stupid about leaving a pointless comment. thanks very much for sharing, sorry for spamming!x

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