Animation Node experiment - circular sound visualizer

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-12-01T06:55:12+00:00

For this animation I used an "Evaluate Sound"-Node to animate boxes placed on a circle

you can download the blend file here

circle sound visualizer

First I use a "Sound Banke"- and a "Evaluate Sound"-Node to to create the input for the sound visualizer, very similar to what the "Sound Equilizer"-Template does. I create a bunch 64 copies of a cube using a Object Instancer. The "Animate Float" Node is here to make the blocks dissapear at the end of the animation

node setup part 1

In the loop I used some matrix transformations to place the boxes on a circle. This part of my node setup is responsible for adding a little bit of rotation to each of the boxes in the loop.

node setup part 2

To create the "Reasign Loop Parameter"-Node select the "Loop Input" node and use the "n" key to open the node settings. Add a new output of type matrix

advanced settings

Then open the "Advanced Node Settings" Tab and in the "Parameter Sockets" box click on the "Reassign" Button.

advanced settings

To create the sound animation I used the input of the "Evaluate Sound" node and created a translation and a scale matrix.

node setup part 3

Finally the various matrices combined into a list and get applied to the boxes.

node setup part 4

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  1. armor le bihan 2016-03-10T21:51:43+00:00


    Just awsome, it´s rock.

    big your perdon, but I am very noob in the aerea. Does this can be play real time, or need to be rendered ?


  2. mehdi 2016-10-06T18:19:45+00:00

    hello where i can downlaod an exanple of use animation nodes sound nodes? i want to learn it and seeing examples i think is good thanks

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