Animation Node experiment - Sound rainbow

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-11-16T06:29:29+00:00

For this experiment I used the sound visualizer nodes form the animation nodes addon I have been asked for tutorials a lot lately and so I added a view screenshots and descriptions to explain how I achieved the effect.

as usual you can download the blend file here

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sound rainbow

the song I used for the animation is called "The Long Dawn - Part II" and can be found on soundcloud

To analyze the audio material you need a "Sound Bake" and a "Evaluate Sound" node. I also created a copy of the default cube for each bar I wanted in my animation using an "Object Instancer". The strenghts list and the object list are fed to a loop.

node setup part 1

This loop is where the magic happens. I used an "Object Transform" node to distribute the cubes along the x axis and used the strength to influence the object scale and the z-location of the cubes.

The index of the loop also affects the hue-value of the vertex color. This color can be used in the cycles material.

node setup part 2

This is the node setup of the cycles material. The vertex color can be imported using an "Attribute" node. The attribute we are looking for is "Col". For this animation the vertex color is feed to an emission-shader and a diffuse-shader.

material node setup

Finally I used a "Glare" Node in the compositor to add a glow effect and a "Lens Distortion" node to prevent the image to look too perfect

compositor node setup

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  1. nitehawke 2015-11-17T15:14:18+00:00

    I just found your website (via and I think it's terrific. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the Animation Nodes add-on. I greatly appreciate that you provide the blend files for everyone to learn and experiment with. Also, I think the breakdown you have shown is a nice way to understand your method. Thanks!

  2. Fede Berg 2015-11-17T22:32:37+00:00

    I also found your site via BlenderNation, and it's awesome!

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