Animation Node experiment - polar coordinates

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-11-25T06:52:55+00:00

For this experiment I specified the target coordinates of some cubes by polar coordinates

you can download the blend file here

polar coordinates

first I create a bunch of cube instances using a "Object Instancer"-Node and feed them to a loop

node setup part 1

Here I animate between two random vector coordinates using an "Animate Vector"-Node. The resulting vector is split up in the x, y and z component using a "Separate Vector"-Node but I donĀ“t use these vector components as coordinates in a cartesian coordinate system. I use the x and y component to store 2 angles and the z component to store a radius.

node setup part 2

These 2 angles and the radius get converted to cartesian coordinates again. I animate the radius component from a random value to 10. So that all cubes are aligned on a random position on a sphere at the end of the animation.

node setup part 3

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