boid particles in a force field

Nikolaus Gradwohl2016-11-15T05:24:56+00:00

I rendered a new Particle simulation yesterday. For this animation I used a particle system with boid- or swarm particles that are influenced by a forcefield. I experimented with different values of the Flow parameter, and tried to find a sweet spot for the mass of the particles to prevent the particles from clumping together or dissolving immediately.

The particles use a simple white diffuse cycles material node. I set the world background to a grayish blue and added a slightly warmer light on the right side to create a little bit of contrast. I originally intended to add some volumetric light to make the scene look like under the sea - but that would have increased the render time dramatically so I sacrificed it to be able to render the animation over night.

you can download the blend file here

boids in a flow forcefield

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