many force fields

Nikolaus Gradwohl2016-11-16T05:54:14+00:00

I rendered a new particle simulation in blender today. For this animation I placed 64 forcefields in a grid using a particle system on a cube. I've set the particle system physics to none and the particle placement mode to Grid to spread the particles evenly on the volume. Then I chose an empty with a forcefield as the particle object and applied the system, to turn the forcefields into objects. Then deleted the cube and added an ico-sphere with a new particle system. These particles are emitted inside the grid of focefields and use no gravity or inital velocity all movements are generated by the forces the fields exert on the particles.

Initially I wanted to render the animation with BI to speed things up, but in the end cycles rednered the frames faster on my GPU than BI could render them, so I used a diffuse shader-node and a sun light to render the scene.

you can download the blend file here

many force fields

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