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javascript link collection

I have used javascript a lot on the client side as an addition for various backend frameworks but I never used it for full stack development. In the last few monthts I used angular2, node.js and express in some POCs and and smaller pirvate web applications - Here are some of the links I found helpful.


I used mainly angular2 and typescript for my frontends. I looked at various other frameworks, but this is what I liked the most.


I really like the hero tutorial by the angular2 team.


since angular2 recommends typescript I started learning it - if you have used an object oriented language like java before, you will feel at home very fast.

a nice tutorial on how to wirte an angular2 component in typescript

How to write a tab-bar in angular2 using typescript


Angular uses rxjs components like Observable in some components


I used bootstrap 3 to style my frontend. I really like this framework, it surely doesn't solve all your designers need but it helps to get a decent looking frontend fast

You can also style file-upload buttons

Prism is a nice framework for code highlighting in javascript


On the backend side I used node.js and express. Since my frontend was written in typescript I also started using it on the backend.


Some nice framewoks if you need to support https or encryption on the backend side in javascript


a nice blogpost on how to use typescript with express

Build Tools

To download and manage my dependencies I used npm for more compilcated tasks I looked at grunt and gulp. I finally ended using gulp - mainly because it is used in the angular2 tutorial too.






if you want to run a node based application on a server - forever is a package you should have a look at. It provides a way to ensure a node process is running in background, provides start and stop scripts and tools to monitor the process.



If you are a vim user, this typescript syntax highlighting package might come handy


Another nice editor you can use is atom

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