AnimationNodes2 Experiment - balls and sticks

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-11-23T08:35:19+00:00

I finally managed to solve all the cython issues and install version 2 of the animation nodes addon on my linux machine, and rendered a first experiment with the new vectorized nodes - the nodes setup is much simpler than the loop version of 1.6 and i really like the new syntax.

you can download the blend file here

sticks and balls

hint: if you get a "cannot import name X" errors - try to delete the _pycache_ folder in ~/.config/blender/2.79/scripts/addon - this solved the problem for me

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  1. Mike 2017-11-25T04:48:13+00:00

    Had fun with this. If you've ever watched an ESMA cartoon (on youtube), there's a distinctive 9 ball logo including the acronym ESMA.

    I'd been thinking about doing something with that and came up with the attached image (website). Simple tweaks to your setup.

    The only thing I think is missing is, perhaps animating the 9 balls (random color changes - for example), pinball style, or something comparable, for some additional flair.


  2. Mike 2017-11-25T04:49:25+00:00

    Just in case it got missed:

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