bitwig quick trick - creating a multichorus only using bitwig plugins

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-03-17T05:51:28+00:00

Bitwig-Studio comes with a bunch of very cool synth- and fx-plugins and one of them is a chorus effect. This chorus effect plugin only uses one delay line and therefore sounds a bit thin when you want to create a wide pad sound for example. Most of these synth sounds use multiple delays with slightly different delay times to create a more dramatic effect.

Fortunately bitwig-studio allows you to create quite complex multieffect setups and even store them as presents for later use. So add a fx-layer plugin to your instrument- or audio-track

Multichorus - Step 1

Now add 3 instances of the chorus plugin

Multichorus - Step 2

Set the mix value of each of these to 100% and change the LFO Rate a bit. To change the intensity of the effect use the Mix-Value of the FX-Layer-plugin. To intensify the stereo effect you can adjust the Pan-Knob on each of the chorus effects.

Now save the multichorus as a present by activating the Present/Macro manager of the FX-Layer (the icon with the two triangles in the lower left corner of the plugin)

New Track - Despair

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-03-13T06:35:50+00:00

I published a new track on soundcloud today


bitwig quick trick - how to create an adjustable keysplit

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-02-23T05:06:03+00:00

In Bitwig-Studio you can create quite complex filter-, routing-, and layering-setups that come quite handy when playing live or controlling several plugins/synths using only one masterkeyboard. In this quick-tip I show you how to create a key-split function where the split point can be adjusted while playing using a macro knob.

Start with a new Instrument channel and add an Instrument layer plugin from the Conainers-Section

Adjustable Keysplit - Step 1

Now add an Notefilter to the Instrument-Layer and add the Instrument plugin you want to play with your left hand after the Notefilter

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New Song - Afraid Of Ourselves

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-02-02T06:27:56+00:00

The first track with my new volca sample, recorded and mixed with bitwig studio

Afraid of Ourselves

New Song - Not Troubled By The Rain

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-01-26T05:58:20+00:00

I recorded a new song only using bitwig-studio devices this weekend

Not Troubled By The Rain

new Song - Gap Between Idea and Action

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-01-07T05:28:54+00:00

This track evolved from a recorded volca bass jam session. Except for the bass line all synths are softsynths from bitwig-studio

gap between idea and action

Volca Jam 2014-12-12

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-12-12T20:59:38+00:00

I recorded a new jam session using my volcas, my kaospad mini, bitwig-studio and my launchpad.

The bass sequence was created using the stepsequencer in bitwig and is played on the volca keys. (dont let your self fool by the name, the keys can make really awesome basslines)

The arpegios are created using the volca bass and the kaospad mini. I used the bitwig arpeggio note effect and enter the notes using the launchpad.

volca jam 2014-12-12

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Volca Bass vs Yamaha B55

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-25T06:46:42+00:00

Volca Bass vs Yamaha B55 - Analog gear from now meets analog gear from the late 70's

The session was recorded and mixed using Bitwig-studio.

volca bass vs b55

SFZ to Multisample converter

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-06T06:11:40+00:00

I have a lot of sfz samples on my harddisk but unfortunately the only sample format the internal sampler from bitwig studio can use is the built in multisample format. I played a bit with the fileformat and found that it´s a zip-container with all the wav-files and a xml file that describes how to map the samples to keyboard regions. Thats very similar to the structure of a sfz sample so I wrote a simple converter script in java that can be used to convert sfz to multisamples.

The program is far from perfect and I consider it more as a prototype than a final program - so be warned. I also haven´t implemented more advanced features like velocity zones or groups yet.

You can download the sourcecode from my github repository at

or a compiled version here: Sfz2Multisample-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

to use it open a terminal and start the program with the filename of the sfz file as a parameter

java -jar Sfz2Multisample-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar sfzfilename.sfz

the program then creates a multisample with the same name.

sfz 2 multisample


I made a new version of the sfz2multisample tool! see the new SFZ2Multisample Project Page for more info

The Long Dawn - part II

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-05T16:55:45+00:00

Part II of my song "the long dawn" recorded using bitwig-studio, a lauchpad and my mininova

the long dawn - Part II