Ruby Caldav Library 0.3

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-11-07T07:14:00+00:00

have made a new version of my ruby caldav lib.

version 0.3 is a bugfix release, to make it work with the kde4 calendar

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JavaScript CalDAV-Frontend

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-03-29T12:39:00+00:00

I just wrote a realy simple and small frontend for caldav calender (~700 lines of code including html) using the mootools framework it supports multiple calendar and displays a read-only week-view.

i'm using it with a DAViCal server

to install it, simply download the package, unpack it on your caldav server and enter the caldav urls of your calender in the config.js file.

thats it

have fun :-)

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processing ical-flowers-2.0

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-02-15T08:15:00+00:00

I made a new version of the ical flowers sketch i wrote in dezember. This time it doesn't only show a flower for every event in my calender, it also shows

  • the current weather (using the rubyweather library)
  • the current temperature outside
  • the min/max temperature outside
  • the current temperature inside ( using my arduino i2c thermometer sketch)
  • the sky color changes depending on the current time

ical-flowers screen1

ical-flowers screen2

the system consists of a ruby-proxy, an arduino sketch and a processing sketch.

the ruby proxy starts a web-server on port 2000. It fetches the current weather using the rubyweather gem, fetches the events from the configured caldav calenders, and fetches the current temperature from the arduino using ruby-serial

the arduino sketch is basicaly the same as in this blog post. the only change is that the arduino only sends the temperature when the host sends a 'C' over the serial line

the processing sketch finally fetches the data via http from the proxy and displays it ( using my icap4p library. the screen is updated every 1/2 hour using the method described here

the code can be downloaded here

it's published under the LGPL

have fun :-)

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Ruby Caldav Library 0.2

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-01-28T04:16:00+00:00

I have made a new version of my ruby caldav lib.

version 0.2 is a bugfix release, there are no new features but i removed some essential typos

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DAViCal update

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-12-04T05:54:00+00:00

I'm using DAViCal for syncing the calendars between my computers. Recently events addend in one calendar didn't show up in the other one - not so funny.

after some googleling i found this bugreport and updated version to

now everything is in sync again.

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Ruby Caldav Library

Nikolaus Gradwohl2008-07-14T06:27:00+00:00

I have a DAViCal running and i wanted to write a simple jabber bot that reminds me when i have forgotten to enter my timesheet data. So i have hacked together a simple ruby library to access the caldav protocol. More info and sourcecode is available on the project page

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