firefighting tools

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-08-07T08:35:40+00:00

yeah! the people in greece know how to properly fight a fire! These tools might also come handy in case of a zombie breakout ...


ruby rhyme generator

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-07-08T09:43:04+00:00

I made a ruby rhyme generator - a simple commandline utility to generate nonsense rhymes like this

    si ninu si - na ma boto
    mo sito mo - de sa tato

    te dini ma - no ne dibi
    di nodi te - be be sebi

or this

    bo nibe bomeku
    te dibu domiku

    nu sibe keteso
    me tiba beneso

you can specify the number of verses and the rhythmic pattern on the commandline

Usage: rhyme [options]
    -p, --pattern PATTERN            the rythmic pattern
    -c, --count COUNT                number of verses

the default pattern is 121-112 like in the first example

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Synthesizer dreaming

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-06-14T05:18:50+00:00

my korg monotron dreams of what it wants to be when it grows up ...

this is my day 14 project for 30daysofcreativity

synth dreaming

the original image of the modular synth is from fr1zz and was released under a CC BY-NC-SA

anykey skywalker

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-06-09T07:44:54+00:00

my day 9 project for 30daysofcreativity

the famous jedi Anykey Skywalker

anykey skywalker


Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-03-09T06:01:59+00:00

A Ghoooooooost! Ruuuuuuun! beeep!

you can download the blender file here or you can download a hi-res version of the image here

robo ghost

Permission to Smile

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-03-10T02:39:51+00:00

permission to smile

print it, send it aroud or distribute it otherwise! grant the permission to smile to others too :-)

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Litte Pictureframe is Watching You

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-03-06T04:46:00+00:00

I found a cheap digital picture frame at a local electronics store a while ago and searched a project for it. So i installed 60 jpegs with eyes looking in different directions on the pictureframe and started an endless slideshow. Now the picture frame sits on his shelf and is carefully watching whats going on in our livingroom.

little picture frame

To generate the eyes I wrote a short processing sketch that generates a new frame every time a key is pressed and saves it in the sketchfolder.

void setup() {

float d = random(360);

void draw() {
  ellipse(284, 240, 200, 400);
  ellipse(484, 240, 200, 400);

  float da = d;
  float db = d;

  float a = radians( da );
  float b = radians( db );

  ellipse(284 + cos(a) * 60, 240 + sin(a)*160, 80, 80);
  ellipse(484 + cos(b) * 60, 240 + sin(b)*160, 80, 80);

void keyPressed() {
  d = random(360);
} contains the set of imags I use on my pictureframe

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'Hello World' ABC

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-09-07T13:29:31+00:00

This is a small collection of "Hello World!"-Programs - One for each letter of the alphabet. Ada for A, Boo for B, C++ for C, and so on. Special thanks to the stackoverflowers who helped me with Q, U and Y :-)


with Text_IO; use Text_IO;
procedure Hello is
    Put_Line("Hello World!");
end Hello;


print("Hello World!")


#include <iostream>

int main( int argc, char** argv ) {
    std::cout << "Hello World!" << std::endl;
    return 0;


import std.stdio;

void main(string[] args) {
    writefln("Hello World!");
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Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-06-22T20:46:00+00:00

hmmmmmm - todays project for 30daysofcreativity is...

    at guru.bodyparts.head.Brain.think()
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Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-06-11T17:44:00+00:00

Todays inspiration theme from 30daysofcreativity is "Mustache". So I created a DIY-Mustache-KIT for all of those who have no mustache but need one.

Download the PDF here

Just print out the pdf and cut at the dotted line :-)

This is my Day 11 Project


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