Turning Knobs

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-12-30T07:05:00+00:00

I printed some turning knobs that fit on my variable resistors. This time i used openscad to make the design.

here is the scad file and the stl file, if you want to print your own.


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3D-Printer earrings

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-12-22T07:54:00+00:00

I just printed a pair of earrings for my wife.


if you want to print one yourself, download the stl file it's licenced under a creative commons share alike licence

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MakerBot is printing!

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-12-20T20:11:00+00:00

I finished my MakerBot!

here is a picture of it

makerbot finished

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Makerbot part2

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-12-18T21:16:00+00:00

I continued building my makerbot

I made the X, Y and Z stage of the main body step2

and the two dinosaurs that hold the extruder (they are officially named "wired dinosaur" and "big dinosaur" - i really like that) dinos

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MakerBot arrived!

Nikolaus Gradwohl2009-12-18T05:06:00+00:00

My MakerBot CupCake CNC Delux Kit arrived yesterday!


So far i managed to assemble the body of my cupcake

makerbot body

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