3D-Printed interlocked rings

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-05-25T19:56:00+00:00

Today i printed some interlocked rings on my makerbot. I used openscad to generate the stl file. The two rings are standing in an angle of 60 degrees and don't touch each other

click here to download the stl file or here for the openscad source file.

interlocked rings

interlocked rings

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Oldtimer Replacement Part made with 3D-Printer

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-05-20T10:35:00+00:00

A friend of mine is currently renovating his VW-Oldtimer. For one of the windows two little plastic parts are needed, but he could only get one :-/

so i designed a replacement part in openscad and printed it on the makerbot

there is the stl and the openscad file


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Printed Flower Pot Saucer

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-04-18T16:05:00+00:00

Last Friday I got 20 little cacti, but I had no matching pot saucers. So i started my 3d Printer and made some.

click here to download the stl file or click here to download the openscad file.

pot saucer

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3D-Printed Dragonfly

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-04-17T13:43:00+00:00

I just printed a little dragonfly on my makerbot. the body is ca 4cm long

click here to download the stl file


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Generating 3D Objects from Heightfields

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-03-28T08:39:00+00:00

Back in the old days, when I was a basic hacking teenager, the state of the art technique for getting awsome 3D Graphics on the atari-screen was rendering triangles based on a grayscale bitmap - aka heightfield.

I reanimated this knowledge to generate a 3D object from such a heightfield. so in fact this blog article shows how to take something like this


and turn it into something like this.


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Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-02-08T02:36:00+00:00

I designed and printed a robo necklace


if you want to print one yourself, download the stl file or fetch the openscad and the dxf file. then stick on some moving eyes

it's licenced under a creative commons share alike licence

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Printed Processing sketch

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-01-13T06:05:00+00:00

I just printed the first stl file that i generated using a processing sketch.

I used the unlekkerlib to export a stl file from a sketch that generates simple 3d spiral, used blender to add a socket and printed it on my makerbot. Skeinforge complained about some invalid triangles, but beside that it worked surprisingly well.

This is what it looks like in blender rendered

and this is what the makerbot made of it printed

and this is the processing-sketch i used to generated the spiral

import unlekker.data.*;

void setup() {

void draw() {
  for( int i =0; i < 100; i++ ) {
    for(int a=0; a < 36; a++) {
      float r = 10 - map(i,0,100,0,10);
      vertex( r * sin( radians( a * 10 )) + sin(radians(i*10)) * 10, 
              r * cos(radians(a*10)) + cos(radians(i*10)) * 10);

      int j = i+1;
      vertex( r * sin( radians( a * 10 )) + sin(radians(j*10)) * 10, 
              r * cos(radians(a*10)) + cos(radians(j*10)) * 10);
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printed phonestand

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-01-11T16:55:00+00:00

I designed a simple stand for my phone unsing openscad. click here to download the stl file or click here for the openscad script

cableclip1 cableclip2

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printed cableclip

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-01-11T16:52:00+00:00

I designed a simple cableclip that fits on my desk unsing blender. click here to download the stl file

cableclip1 cableclip2

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Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-01-08T05:20:00+00:00

I just finished my Smiley-O-Mat - it's a tin-box with 3 turning knobs that allows you to controll the appearence of a smiley. With 3 simple turns I can now tell your co-workers, familymembers, ... how you feel at the moment and if it is wise to talk to me right now :-)

The controllerbox is made with an arduino, the smiley generator is written in processing, and the turning knobs are printed on my makerbot

This is what the controller looks like controler box

and here are some smileys i generated

smiley1 smiley2 smiley3 smiley4 smiley5 smiley6

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