Calling R from Processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-08-10T20:31:01+00:00

Processing is a simple and powerfull programming language to create images, animation and interaction.

R is a powerfull free software environment for statistical computing.

For me this sounds like a perfect match. This is a short howto that shows how these two languages can comunicate with each other.

On the R-Side I use the Rserve extension, which can be installed by calling


from within the R environment.

By calling


from within the R, you can start a serverprocess that accepts commands on a network socket and can be used by a javaclient to execute R commands.


In the processing sketch we need to add the two jar files of the javaclient that can be downloaded at the Rserve download page

just add the jar files to the sketch using "Add file ..." from the "Sketch"-Menu.

Now we can use the REngine class to execute some R code in the server process and ask R to return the calculated data

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