Ronin experiment 11 - traces of a restless ghost

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-27T06:30:56+00:00

I worte a ronin script that traces the paths of a restless ghost trying to figure a way out of the screen

ghost traces

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Ronin experiment 10 - morphing colors

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-26T05:40:26+00:00

I created some rotating flower shapes to create layers of colors that slowly mix into a colorfull circle similar to batik t-shirts from the 60's

morphing colors

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ronin experiment 9 - ghost trees

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-25T06:47:13+00:00

I created some translucent recursive trees that fade away to the right using ronin

ghost trees

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ronin experiment 8 - pixel transformation vortex

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-24T05:37:35+00:00

for this ronin experiment I combined the pixel transformation functions with the animation event handler to scale and rotate the previous frame. this creates a rotating vortex and everything drawn on the screen is sliding into the void slowly

pixel transformation vortex

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ronin experiment 6 - event based animation

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-23T04:44:49+00:00

ronin switched from an amiation loop to a event based animation system which allow cool stuff like initalizing code for the animation or reference objects that get preserved between frames. And it also makes it a lot easier to interact between the animation callback function and other event sources like osc events or mouseclicks

random circles

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ronin experiment 6 - animated tree

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-22T05:31:53+00:00

I used the brand new and really awesome affine transformation features to create an anmation in Ronin

animated tree

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Ronin experiment 5 - osc

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-21T03:25:09+00:00

I added an OSC message receiver to Ronin - now you can send OSC messages from other apps like SonicPi or orca to a running Ronin animation

osc messages

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Ronin experiment 4 - wiggly

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-20T10:09:12+00:00

ronin experiment no 4: a wiggly line created using a recursive lisp function only updating every n milliseconds to slow down the animation

wiggly line

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Ronin experiment 3 - breath

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-19T04:45:55+00:00

I created a new animation with Ronin using a map as a loop replacement to create nested breathing circles


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ronin experiment 2 - nested maps and colors

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-18T05:38:15+00:00

for this Ronin experiment I experimented with nested "map" commands and random fill colors

nested maps and color

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