Getting Started with the VideoGameShield

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-03-24T20:19:32+00:00

The VideoGameShield from Wayne&Layne is a arduino-shield that allows you to write videogames that run on your TV using an arduino and a Wii-Nunchuck or Classic Game Controller.

This is a short tutorial that helps you on your first steps after you have solderd your kit following these instructions.


VGS Hello World

To draw on the screen the VGS uses the TVout library. In this example I use a Nunchuck as controller. first we include all the libraries that are needet to use TVout and Nunchuck

#include <TVout.h>
#include <fontALL.h>
#include <i2cmaster.h>
#include <nunchuck.h>

then we define the structures we need to access the libraries

Nunchuck n;
TVout TV;
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