RadioPI - debugging

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-07-17T07:12:57+00:00

When it comes to DIY projects one rule that ALLWAYS applies is that it takes longer than originally planned :-/

I´m currently debugging the radio module for my raspberry pi based retro-car-radio project and I realized that debugging software is far easier that debugging a hardware module. I already found out that it´s a stupid idea to shorten some of the coppertraces by making the circuit board touch the metal housing of the radio and I forgot to solder in a resistor.

I also found out that it´s a bad idea to accidentally remove some of the smd parts of a raspberry pi (RIP) and that the sd card holder of a pi is not very stable :-/

currently I´m trying to find a replacement part for a broken variable resistor - but theeeeeen .... nearly there, really, this time for sure, what could possible go wrong?

Stay tuned :-)

radioPI debugging

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