RadioPI hardware part 1

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-07-05T07:21:44+00:00

Yesterday I started mounting the components for my raspberry pi based retro car radio into the housing of the blaupunkt radio from the 60ties.

And I learned a lot - the hard way :-)

  • For example that USB cables need an astonishing amount of space - even when folded and tied down with cable binders.
  • USB-connectors are really, really, REALLY large - even if they are called micro usb.
  • Drilling holes into ferromagnetical materials is a bad idea when you have two small speakers and a magnetic screwdriver laying on your desk - even it looks very funny

So there will be a unplanned part2 of the hardware session after I found shorter USB cables preferably with smaller connectors :-/

radiopi hardware part 1

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