sound visualizer experiment 1

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-02-07T13:52:21+00:00

for this sound visualizer I created a python script that creates curves for 16 frequency bands of the sound file

The song can be heard in full length here

my script is based on the unbake f-curve script by liero

you can download the blend file here

sound curves

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  1. Philip Nystromer 2014-06-29T18:28:59+00:00

    Hi Nikolaus,

    I wonder if you can give me a hint of advice. I would like to stream real time attitude and position data from a real time object over an ethernet connection to Blender and render a real time visual simulation of the objects attitude and movements. Can you advice me how to get the real time data into Blender for the animation? Are there functions in Blender for this?

    Thanks /Ph

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