Day 20 of 30daysOfCreativity - An ATTiny programmer adapter

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-06-20T21:55:32+00:00

For my raspberry pi based car-radio project I need some attiny chips to interface the radio controlls. Today I made a simple adapter for my programmer. I soldered an 8 pin chipholder and a 20 pin chipholder to an ISP connector. Now I can programm ATTiny 45 and ATTiny 2313 chips without having to hook up the ISP adapter to my breadboard

attiny programmer adapter

Day 19 of 30DaysOfCreativity - RGB led for the Raspberry PI based Radio

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-06-19T21:09:08+00:00

Today I worked on the RGB led that is going to replace the small lamp that lights the display of my rapspberry pi based car radio for cheriĀ“s VW type 3 wilson

I used an attiny 2313 to control the led. I will interface the microcontroller with I2C and connect the 5 buttons tomorrow

this is my day 19 project for 30daysOfCreativity

rgb led for the radio

Day 18 of 30daysOfCreativity - Reading analog values on a PI using an ATTiny45

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-06-18T20:36:08+00:00

For my Raspberry PI based car-radio that lives in the housing of a blaupunkt radio from the sixties I needed to interface a variable resistor from my pi. Unfortunately the rapsberry pi has no ADC for the GPIO pins so I added a small ATTiny running the arduino-tiny firmware to read the analog values. The ATTiny is programmed as a I2C slave and is accessed in the same way as the radio part of the project.

you can find a tutorial on how to install and run the arduino-tiny firmware here

and you can find the I2C slave library for the attiny chips here

this is my day 18 project for 30daysofcreativity

attiny as a ADC for the Raspberry Pi

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