paper castle

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-06-12T05:33:11+00:00

This is a papercastle that has been cut out in one pice. All the parts including the towers and their roofs are connected. After cutting out the castle all thats needed is a little bit of glue and a LOT of patience :-)

you can download the svg template here

this is my Day 12 Project for 30daysofcreativity

castle finished castle cut

howto use svg for rigged 2D-animations in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-10-03T05:57:24+00:00

I played around a bit with svg-files and processing and learned that the PShape-Class is far more powerfull that it looks on the first glace.

This is a short tutorial that shows how I used Inkscape and Processing to make a simple rigged 2D-figure.


The code for the tutorial can be downloaded here

In processing loading and displaying svg-files is very easy. Just define a 'PShape' object and use 'loadShape' to fetch a svg-file. With the 'shape' command the graphic can be displayed in the window.

PShape boxes;

void setup() {
  boxes = loadShape( "boxes.svg" );

void draw() {
  shape( boxes, 0, 0 );

But when I looked at the source of the PShape class I learned that you can do far cooler stuff with these svg graphics. Every part of the svg graphics can be accessed by using the 'getChild'-method of the PShape class. So we could give the rectangles from the previous example a name and then hide them individually.

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